Sean M.

Let me make the songs of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws.

Various People

Enemies Three

Download - 16/05/2016

Brother, Christ is for living
Not for your drinking
If not a shame it’s a waste

Sister, Christ is for giving
Not for the taking
Of a woman’s good name

Children, Christ is for trusting
Not disobeying
Then shifting the blame

Brother, the devil is hunting
His weapon is hinting
That you can’t be saved

Sister, Satan is gorgeous
But not in the places
True beauty is made

I’ve got enemies three
The world, the devil, and me
I’ve got enemies three
The world, the devil, and me
The world, the devil, and old me

Father, you are creator
Of men you’re the maker
Women and children the same

Jesus, you are the saviour
A new man creator
In you we are safe

Spirit, you never leave us
What grieves you it grieves us
These hearts have been changed

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Me? Who am I? I'm an eye. An open eye. I dilate in infinitesimal increments. I love the day and find love even in the night. Here is the window left ajar. Here are my days and my nights.